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Special feature United Arab Emirates: The world's eye - the Burj Khalifa

The world's eye - the Burj Khalifa
January 2010 saw the inauguration of the tallest building in the world standing at over 800m high, which is equivalent to two and bit Eiffel towers! Standing tall and proud, it's hard to be in Dubai and not be able to see it on the skyline. Tall, straight and narrow, the Burj Khalifa named after the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi who pitched in and gave the remaining needed budget to get the tower finished for 2010. The tower mainly contains offices and residences. The viewing platform, 'At the Top' is an impressive sight, however be prepared to be slightly disappointed when you look up and see how much of the tower remains above your head...the viewing platform only stands at halfway up, thus not really being 'at the top'. The views however over the immense Dubai Mall and right out to the Palm Jumeirah and the 'World Islands' (refer to the section above) are stunning, especially on a clear day. A tip for your climb: make sure the weather forecast is bright and clear. Otherwise, the visit of the tower also includes an exhibition which acts as a build-up to reaching the viewing platform. The exhibition outlines the process of building the tower and is particularly interesting. Access to the tower costs 400 AED (£71) in advance and 100 AED (£18) on the door, however when we were there, tickets were sold out until the following week, so if you are dying to climb the tower, best not risk it. Access is through the Dubai Mall, car park 1A.

Text: Rooksana Hossenally.

Image: Stéphanie Poli

The islands - the Palm Jumeirah and the World Not all high-rise and high-flying


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