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Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, which is often referred to as the ?Saint Tropez' of Reunion, is an island beach resort with several facets. There are markets and boutiques in the town centre, together with a marina and a lively seafront full of bars; it is a very popular site with holidaymakers and locals alike! Therefore, do not be surprised by the crowds, especially at the weekend. If you're staying in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, do not forget to stop at the historic museum of Villèle, a beautiful colonial house and symbol of the awful memory of slavery. The mansion, the old sugar factory and the slave hospital can also be visited.

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    Saint Gilles les Bains

    The seaside resort village with most of the island's hotels, Saint Gilles is found on the island's west coast.

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    Saint Gilles harbour

    A former fishing village turned highly popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, Saint Gilles has a marina where visitors can participate in a variety of such activities.

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    The main hotels, from the clubs to the small charming establishments, have made Saint Gilles their home.

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    Going out in Saint Gilles les Bains

    There is no shortage of restaurants or bars in Saint Gilles, where the harbour area is lively with tourists and locals.

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    The beaches of Saint Gilles les Bains

    The main beaches are those of Boucan-Canot, Roches-Noires, and the L'Hermitage, which look out onto the lagoon.

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    Water sports in Saint Gilles les Bains

    Saint Gilles les Bains is absolute paradise for thrill seekers. Holidaymakers who love the waves come well prepared.

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