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Bucovine Romania
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Bucovine

Located in the north-east of Romania, on the border with Moldavia, Bucovine is a region that justifies a trip to Romania in itself. There you will find all the sweetness of the countryside and some old-fashioned villages and, although progress has not yet arrived to the area, quaintness, emotion and generosity are definitely awaiting you. Bucovine is reputed for its 15th and 16th century monasteries, which blossomed under the reign of Stephen the Great. Architectural gems of medieval Europe, they are listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites.


Bucovine , Romania
Peasant farms and sheep barns

Bukovina is a rural region whose inhabitants have preserved their traditions and the architecture of the buildings.

Bucovine , Romania
Calm and picturesque landscapes

The region's charm lies in its gentle mountains covered with beech and fir trees and lined with undulating rivers.

Bucovine , Romania
Bukovina's monasteries

The region is known for its monasteries decorated with remarkably beautiful frescos.

Bucovine , Romania
Sucevita monastery

Built in the 16th century, a difficult period in Romanian history, the Sucevita monastery looks rather like a fortress.

Bucovine , Romania
The simplicity of the Romanian countryside

Bukovina is an exceptionally unique region where countless monasteries are surrounded by enchanting nature.

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