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Starting from Suceava, a three to five day round trip allows you to visit the region's main monasteries: Dragomirna, Voronet, Humor, Arbore, Sucevita, Moldovita and Putna. The monastic groups of buildings, nestled in bucolic valleys, hold churches decorated with magnificent biblical frescoes. Their major aim was to stimulate the warrior-farmers' faith in their fight against the Ottoman invader. The monasteries are inhabited by communities of nuns and priests, to whom pilgrims come, wishing to be blessed. The crowds of pilgrims who come and go every day are testament to the avid faith of the local community. During the dark years of dictatorship, Bucovine preserved its identity in the shade of its Orthodox monasteries. Nowadays, it is around its steeples that the soul and heart of the country are being reborn. At the foot of monasteries, village women sell woven fabrics, rugs, painted eggs made on long winter evenings. The delicate mosaics of the eggs symbolically evoke the monasteries' frescoes. Here, a whole spiritual life is reborn out of an egg.

  • Bucovine's Monasteries , The Sucevita Monastery, Suceava , Romania
    The Sucevita Monastery, Suceava

    This is one of the most beautiful and interesting monasteries in the region. Its church is covered in colourful frescoes.

    © Cosmin-Constantin Sava / 123RF
  • Bucovine's Monasteries , Romania
    The orthodox Moldovita Monastery

    Built in 1537, this monastery still has all of its original buildings and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Bucovine's Monasteries , Romania
    A fresco of the Orthodox Putna Monastery

    This monastery is an important cultural centre (embroidery, calligraphy, teaching), which holds a remarkable collection of miniatures, embroideries and manuscripts.

  • Bucovine's Monasteries , Romania
    A panoramic view of the Sucevita Monastery

    This building is an almost perfect quadrilateral, with its surrounding wall incorporating towers with pointed roofs.

  • Bucovine's Monasteries , Romania
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    The monasteries of Bucovine

    © René Mattes
  • Bucovine's Monasteries , Romania
    The Church of Arbore

    Less imposing than the neighbouring monasteries, this modest church was built in 1502 by Luca Arbore.

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