Things to see in East Russia

Daring travellers who venture to the Russian Far East will experience nature first-hand. Even the cities are immersed in particularly green environments. It is easy to find yourself at the heart of vast unspoiled expanses far from civilisation. During these excursions in the great outdoors, you may encounter bears and moose that inhabit the forests. If you are more attracted to the sea than the land, the region also abounds with magnificent coasts and forgotten islands. In short, a trip to the farthest point of Russia is a unique opportunity to revitalise yourself.

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There is something spectacular about the landscapes in the Russian Far East. The open spaces make you feel as though you are about to fall off the globe! The steppes stretch for tens of miles, sometimes with no living soul in sight. Fortunately, the mountains break the monotony of these endless flat expanses. Keep your eyes and especially your ears open to hear the silence that prevails here.


The entire eastern front of the Russian Far East dips into the cold waters of the North Pacific. Along the thousands of miles of coastline, the landscapes are endless and repeated. There are no beaches, of course, but an untamed coastline, which is sometimes rocky and often frozen during the winter months. The Bering Strait is one of the most extreme sea routes in the world. As for the Kuril Islands, their thin silhouette stretches southwards, right down to the end of Russian land and the far north of Japan.

The fauna and flora

The Russian Far East is mainly governed by nature, and the fauna and flora have always found space to grow. Small mammals like to hide in the vast boreal forests. Moose, however, no longer hide away and can sometimes be seen on the outskirts of the towns and cities!

Arts and culture

In the remote areas of the Russian Far East, the somewhat forgotten people of Moscow know how to carry on their traditions. In the Sakha Republic, the inhabitants are very aware of how to do this. Every year, the arrival of summer is celebrated with great pomp during the Ysyakh festival. During winter, the Yakuts warm up in the hot springs found on their land.

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