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Kaliningrad, which was formerly Königsberg, the royal city of East Prussia, is a small piece of Russia wedged between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea. Until 1991, access was strictly forbidden to foreigners, but know that Kaliningrad has many treasures and is worth the detour. The city is filled with the remains of its rich historical past, which only serve to arouse the curiosity of visitors. The ultimate testimony to this magnificent past is the Gothic cathedral, which houses the museum dedicated to the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Tourists can also visit the Museum of the World Ocean, the second most visited tourist attraction in the city.

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Kaliningrad is a city full of history, and this is demonstrated through certain monuments, such as the Gothic cathedral, which was partially destroyed by air raids in 1944. In actual fact, the whole city testifies to the historical upheavals that Kaliningrad has witnessed.


Kaliningrad has 97 miles of coastline. The cliffs of the Samland Peninsula and its sandy beaches contrast with the long dune-lined beaches along the shore of the Vistula River.


Due to the geographical location of Kaliningrad, a lot of seafood is consumed here. Fish is eaten in many forms, whether dried, smoked or braised, and is one of the main dishes. Meat lovers will also be happy; the meat in the region is excellent.

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