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For many years, Lubyanka Square was infamous as the site of the impressive KGB headquarters and the statue of Dzerjinski, founder of the Cheka, the original KGB. In the small garden that lines the square, a discreet monument was built in memory of the victims of totalitarianism. Not far from there, on Lubyanski Passage, you'll find the State Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum, dedicated to the life and works of the Russian poet. Opposite the KGB building stands, as if ironically, the city's largest toy shop, Detski Mir. Going down Okhotny Ryad, you'll walk past the luxury Hotel Metropol and arrive at Theatre Square and the famous Bolshoi Theatre. Behind the Bolshoi runs Petrovka Street, one of the oldest streets in Moscow, which leads to the Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery founded by Saint Peter of Moscow. Tverskaia Street, one of Moscow's longest streets, has become the Russian Oxford Street, lined with numerous 'chic' shops. It stretches from Manege Square to Pushkin Square and further on still to Triumph Square.

  • Lubyanka district , Lubyanka Square , Russia
    Lubyanka Square

    The fountain and its horses are a popular tourist attraction.

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  • Lubyanka district , The Lubyanka district , Russia
    The Lubyanka district

    This Neo-baroque building, which dates back to 1898, is located on Lubyanka Square. It was once the headquarters of the former KGB.

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  • Lubyanka district , Russia
    Lubyanka district
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  • Lubyanka district , Russia
    Lubyanka district
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  • Lubyanka district , Russia
    Lubyanka district
    © Pascal ANTOINE
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