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There are several medieval monasteries worth visiting not far from the capital. The most important of them is Saint Andrew's (Andronikovski), which was founded in 1360. It is well-known for its Andrei Roublev Museum, named after the famous monk and icon painter, which has a beautiful collection of religious paintings (none of which are from the undisputed master of the golden age of Russian painting), sculptures and old manuscripts. The Virgins' Convent (Novodievitchi), located southeast of Moscow, is a beautiful architectural structure on the banks of the Moskva. The interior holds superb 16th century frescoes and a rich iconostas, while in the neighbouring cemetery you will find the resting places of Gogol, Tchekhov, Eisenstein, Maiakovski and Prokofiev.
The Donskoy Monastery, founded in 1592 and located near Gorky Park, is surrounded by a wide fortified wall made of brick and punctuated with towers and splendid belfries. Not far from here you'll find the Danilovsky Monastery, one of the first fortified monasteries in Moscow. The whole thing was restored in 1983 and is now the seat of the Russian Patriarchate. The Novospasski Monastery has five beautiful churches, while the Simonov and Kroutiskoye Podvorie Monasteries are also well worth a visit.

  • Monasteries , The Novodevichy Convent , Russia
    The Novodevichy Convent

    The convent is a beautiful architectural display on the banks of the Moskva River. Gogol, Eisenstein, and Prokofiev all lie in the neighbouring cemetery.

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  • Monasteries , Novodevichy , Russia

    An enchanting place on the edge of a lake.

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  • Monasteries , Gleaming gilded cupolas. , Russia
    Gleaming gilded cupolas.

    The interior holds superb frescoes from the 16th century and a rich iconostasis.

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  • Monasteries , A popular place for marriages. , Russia
    A popular place for marriages.

    The neighbouring cemetery holds the tombs of Gogol, Tchékhov, Eisenstein, Maïakovski and Prokofiev.

    © Emilio Colaiezzi / age fotostock
  • Monasteries , Magnificent Orthodox monasteries , Russia
    Magnificent Orthodox monasteries

    The largest one among them is St. Andrew's (Andronikovski), which was founded in 1360. The spot is famous for the Andreï Roublev Museum - the monk famous for his paintings of icons.

    © ZoonarAlexander Leb
  • Monasteries , An old monastery made of red bricks , Russia
    An old monastery made of red bricks

    There are several monasteries worth visiting around the castle.

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