Things to see in Northern Russia

Northern Russia is an incredibly vast region, meaning you can't visit it all in one trip. Some of the must-sees include the extensive landscapes with their big lakes dotted with small islands, the many monasteries in Karelia, and the huge virgin forests that make you feel as though you're at the end of the world.

There are a large range of activities tourists can take part in all year long. For example, it is possible to go skiing, dog sledging and play ice hockey in winter, while swimming, hiking and canoeing are popular in summer.

Russian culture is very distinctive, with its rich past and its enduring traditions. You will see the famous Russian dolls wherever you go and caviar is enjoyed as an aperitif all over. The people of Russia have maintained their customs, such as the Russian tea ceremony at the end of meals, and the Festival of the North where several cities take part in winter sports competitions. Both a stickler for customs and fond of new discoveries, Russia, the North in particular, never ceases to amaze.

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    Northern Russia
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In the north of Russia, the landscapes are immense, from the huge plains covered in tundra to the large coniferous forests, the mountains, and the lakes. Outside the cities, nature flourishes, creating the perfect environment for hiking and 4x4 excursions.


The cuisine in Northern Russia is identical to that of the rest of the country. Caviar is enjoyed as an apreritif, and you will notice that soups and plates of borsch are very popular.

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