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Gorky Park, in the south of the city, is a peaceful green haven. It also has an amusement park with many attractions including roller coasters. We recommend going to the top of the Ferris wheel to get a spectacular view over Moscow. The small cultural park of Fili is a little out of the way but has a certain romanticism to it, and in Kolomenskoe Park, which is very busy in winter, you can also visit the beautiful Church of the Ascension. Kuskovo park is a superb domain, within which stands the sumptuous Summer Palace of the Sheremetev family. At Ostankino Palace, yet another superb summer residence of the Sheremetev family, concerts are held every Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

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    Moscow's parks exude romanticism.

    © Alexander Zhivitsky / 123RF
  • Parks , Gorky Park , Russia
    Gorky Park

    In the south of the city, it offers a pleasant and peaceful setting full of greenery.

    © Nikolai Balykov / age fotostock
  • Parks , Lomonosov University , Russia
    Lomonosov University

    On Sparrows Hill in the middle of a park

    © Zoonar Julija Sapic / age fotostock
  • Parks , An imposing Gothic building , Russia
    An imposing Gothic building

    It is home to Lomonosov University, which is surrounded by a vast park.

    © ZOONAR GMBH LBRF / age fotostock
  • Parks , Kolomenskoye Park , Russia
    Kolomenskoye Park

    Very busy in winter, here you can visit the pretty Church of the Ascension.

    © Andrey Omelyanchuk / 123RF
  • Parks , The small but cultural Fili Park , Russia
    The small but cultural Fili Park

    It may be a little out of the way, but exudes plenty of romanticism.

    © ZoonarUGORENKOV-ALE / age fotostock
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