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Siberia is vast and has a harsh climate, yet we are still attracted to this part of the world, which has many secrets to uncover and so much beauty to offer! On board the Trans-Siberian Railway or other means of transport, you will enjoy exploring Siberia, its traditions and its magnificent landscapes, where culture and religion are rooted in the customs. You will also enjoy travelling around this area, where nature prevails, as it always has.

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Both vast and magnificent, the landscapes of Siberia will enchant all travellers. With mountains, plains, lakes and volcanoes, they are very diverse, and some places are not-to-be-missed, such as Lake Baikal. When you are choosing which places to visit, you will soon realise that there are a thousand things to see in the area, and major surprises await you.

The fauna and flora

In Siberia, the fauna and flora are very diverse. As the region is so big, however, it is rare to see the animals that inhabit the area, such as wolves and tigers. Fortunately, there are nature reserves and parks. In the area surrounding Lake Baikal, you can enjoy watching the small Baikal seals, which have become a local attraction. There is also a lot of vegetation, but this mainly consists of the taiga (bushes, mosses and lichens) which covers the plains.

Arts and culture

Siberian culture is fairly unique, and emphasises nature and everything related to it. Wooden buildings are sacred, and Buddhist temples and Shamanic rituals seem like part of another world. With all this awaiting you during a visit to the region, you can experience their art and culture, and the inhabitants will be happy to show you around.


All Russian and Slavic dishes can be found in Siberia. The Siberians love to eat, especially good food, and whether you prefer meat or fish, you can try just about anything. Dishes are often served with local vegetables, and the meal is finished off with an excellent cup of Russian tea. If you visit the Asian side of Siberia, the cuisine will be very different.

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