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In winter, the Yusupov Palace gardens hold the city's main public ice rink. In the summer you can hire a rowboat or a canoe to row along the canals and rivers, or even go sailing on the sea. The numerous and often luxurious bania (hammam, sauna, swimming pool and massages) of St. Petersburg, particularly in the major hotels, are a great way to relax. The Karelia region is ideal for superb walks. Go for a hike in the forests or take a boat down the canals that link the dozens of lakes of the Solovetsky Islands in the Arkhangelsk province, or on the White Sea 100 miles south of the North Pole. Winter sports enthusiasts can ski in the Khibiny Mountains of the Kola Peninsula, in the Murmansk region. The main ski resort is Kirovsk. Avoid going in December or January, as it's very cold and is the polar night season. Spring is ideal for skiing, especially since it lasts until June!

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    Sports and relaxation

    During the summer, visitors can go for a ride on the canals and rivers in the Youssoupov Palace gardens.

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