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Taking Dvortsovy (Palace) Bridge from Vasilyevsky Island, you cross Spassky island to arrive at Dvortsovaya (Palace) Square. Here stand the magnificent baroque buildings of the Hermitage and Winter Palace, built in 1754 by the Italian architect Rastrelli. The Winter Palace was the residence of the imperial families Until 1917. In front of the palace stands the monumental Alexander Column and the Narva Triumphal Arch. To the west is the Admiralty, with its gilded spire topped by a golden weather-vane in the shape of a small sail warship. In the time of Peter the Great, the Admiralty Fortress was surrounded by ramparts and a canal. It was modified at the beginning of the 19th century in order to create the Alexandrovsky Garden. The garden stretches as far as Senatskaia Square, where the Bronze Horseman monument to Peter the Great stands imposingly, and Isaakievskaya Square, overlooked by Saint Isaac's Cathedral. The latter, a monumental baroque church inaugurated in 1858, has an incomparably rich interior. Facing the cathedral, you can at last see the Art Nouveau building of the Hotel Astoria, while beyond the Moyka River and Sini (Blue) Bridge, Mariinsky Palace comes into view.

  • The Hermitage district , Russia
    The Hermitage district

    Until 1917, the Winter Palace was the residence of the imperial families.

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