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Stretching out from the eastern wall of the Kremlin is the immense 52,000 m pedestrianised esplanade that is Red Square. By the 15th century, Moscow's main square was already at the centre of public life as the location for ceremonial events. Ukases (edicts of the tsar) were read aloud and justice was dispensed here. In the 17th century it became known definitively as Red Square (Krasnaya), or 'beautiful square', as the words 'red' and 'beautiful' are almost identical in Russian. Today it is surrounded by Saint Basil's Cathedral to the south, the GUM department store to the east, the State Historical Museum to the north and the Kremlin Wall to the west. Saint Basil's Cathedral, built in the 16th century by order of Ivan the Terrible, is without a doubt the most fairy-tale-like monument in Moscow with its lavish polychrome twisted onion domes that wouldn't look out of place on a palace from 'Arabian Nights'. The interior frescoes are equally magical. West of Saint Basil's Cathedral you can see the Spasskaya Tower, the most beautiful in the Kremlin, which religious processions heading towards Red Square used to pass through. It is decorated with a magnificent chiming clock and, of course, is topped with a huge red star.

On the other side of the Square, to the right of the State Historical Museum, is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, built in 1993 on the site of the former 17th century church that was destroyed in 1936. Attached to the Kremlin Wall is Lenin's Mausoleum, its sober architecture with its austere lines built of marble and granite making it stand out. GUM, the old State department store, is located on the upper floors of the shopping centre east of the square. Since its privatisation in 1993, it now offers a wide variety of shopping with a great choice of clothing, beauty products, luxury goods and souvenirs.

  • The Red Square , Red Square , Russia
    Red Square

    Stretching out from the eastern wall of the Kremlin, Red Square is an immense 52,000 m esplanade where driving is prohibited.

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  • The Red Square , GUM , Russia

    The former State Department Store, located in the upper parts of the commercial galleries east of the square, is full of the most diverse shops.

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  • The Red Square , An enchanting setting , Russia
    An enchanting setting

    West of Basil the Blessed, you can see the Saviour Tower, the most beautiful tower in the Kremlin, from which religious processions would emerge to walk towards the Red Square.

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  • The Red Square , St. Basil the Blessed , Russia
    St. Basil the Blessed

    The most fairy tale-like monument in Moscow, with its polychrome onion and cabled domes that are so exuberant it is worthy of a palace of the Thousand and One Nights.

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  • The Red Square , Lenin's mausoleum , Russia
    Lenin's mausoleum

    This is where the embalmed body of the father of the Russian Revolution lies.

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  • The Red Square , The Kremlin Wall , Russia
    The Kremlin Wall

    Moscow's main square was already serving as the centre of public life in the 15th century as well as the spot where the most important ceremonies were held.

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