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Vasilyevsky Island was originally the administrative centre of the capital. There is a beautiful panoramic view over the Neva from the Strelka, the easternmost tip of the island. On Stock Exchange Square you'll find two columns dedicated to the glory of the Russian Navy, close to the Navy Museum. In the converted old warehouses on each side of the building are the Zoological Museum and the Museum of Russian Literature. University Quay, along the southern coast, is lined with superb 18th century buildings, in particular the Kunstkamera, which houses Peter the Great's cabinet of curiosities. Continuing along the quay you'll pass the Science Academy and, further down, the beautiful Menchikov Palace, now used as an annex to the Hermitage museum.

  • Vassilievski Island , Russia
    Vassilievski Island

    Vassilievski Island was originally the administrative centre of the capital.

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