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Those who visit the Volga region do not go there to relax. It is very vast, and you should not be afraid of going on long walks to explore the area's treasures. Visitors who take a cruise on the Volga will be surprised by the beauty of the cities they come across. Kostroma will give you an insight into the Russian provinces, and here you can visit several churches that are worth seeing in the centre, such as the Trinity Cathedral. Epicureans will appreciate the city of Yaroslavl: here they take a great interest in the arts, and the inhabitants take the time to enjoy life in a very festive environment. It's the diversity that makes these areas so rich. From one city to the next, there are a whole range of differences, whether they are to do with the way of life, nature or even architecture. These differences only help to attract tourists: you will feel as if you've been on several trips, each as wonderful as the next.

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The Volga region is surrounded by forest. With lush nature and many game animals, mushrooms and blueberries, it is the ideal place for country walks and picking fruit and vegetables, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

The fauna and flora

The Volga region is made up of diverse natural areas. From its source to the cities of Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, the Volga flows through forests and steppes, while the southern part of the river crosses arid and semi-arid steppes. These factors explain the diversity of the fauna and flora in these regions.

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