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This territory is one of the very few to offer two countries, two languages, two cultures. On one side, you are in France, with chic bars and restaurants; on the other side, you find yourself in Holland and discover Maho, cradle of night life, where bars and night clubs are open until very late. Saint Martin is a melting pot of cultures, customs, mixing the culture of the West Indies and American modernity, with a total of 45 nationalities. It displays a very hilly relief, offering creeks, 38 beaches, and magnificent viewpoints over the sea. Although not widely explored by tourists, those who do travel to Saint Martin will not be disappointed.
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Saint Martin's: the key figures

Surface area : 75.0 km2

Population : 85000 inhabitants

  • "Two countries for the price of one".
  • High quality cuisine.
  • It is a fully-fledged seaside destination.
  • The island has a tgreat night life.
  • Saint Martin is a tax haven.
  • A smallish island where everything is close at hand.
  • The cultural interest remains very limited.
  • It is a destination dedicated to American tourists.
  • The authenticity has been lost.
  • Mass tourism and dollars reign.
  • The traffic jams.

Saint Martin's: what to visit?

The fauna and flora


Saint Martin's: what to buy?

Saint-Martin and Sint-Marteen have the status of free ports. Custom taxes and VAT aren't collected. Brand name clothing, jewellry, perfume, cigarettes and Havana cigars as well as alcoholic beverages are cheaper than in Britain. Most of Saint Martin's boutiques are located in Marigot on rue de la République and rue de la Liberté. In Philipsburg, interesting shops are on Frontstreet, the city's main street. You will also find a great number of naive painting galleries both in Marigot and in Philipsburg. Land- and seascapes or colourful everyday life scenes, local art is inspired by the high Haitian influence present on the island.
In Marigot and Philipsburg, shops are open from 9 am to 6 pm on week days. Many of them are open on Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Saint Martin's: what to eat?

You should know that on the whole island, the gastronomy is a sweet blend of Creole and international cuisines. Pork pudding, cod fritters, colombo come together with the best of French cuisine as well as Italian, Spanish, Indian and Chinese cuisine.
The Americans being the first visitors to the island, you can have some good old hamburgers and spare ribs in barbecue sauce served with home-made fries, two meals that are served abundantly. But especially, taste the lobster.
Restaurants are expensive but of good quality.

Saint Martin's: what are the cultural particularities?

There aren't really any left. The island does not attract crowds for its local authenticity.

Saint Martin's: travel tips

Do not stay at the beach for the entirety of your holiday. Go barracuda, tuna or marlin fishing in the fish-abounding waters of the Anguilla channel. The Simpson Bay and Maho Bay sea depths are extremely rich. Whether scuba-diving or snorkelling, you will marvel at the great diversity of local underwater wildlife. There are dozens of diving clubs.
Why not go sailing for a few days. The best itinerary consists of sailing around the island up to Prickly Pear island before coming back to Saint Martin. Many sailboats depart from Marigot.
The sole island's golf course is at Mullet Bay Resort hotel. You have to be a client to be able to play.

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