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The island of Saint Martin benefits from a fairly dry tropical climate, to which plants must adapt. Many cacti have therefore taken up residence in the windier and sunnier parts of the island. Elsewhere, you will essentially find coconut trees, flamboyants, bougainvillea, seagrape, almond trees and mamoncillos. The island is also very colourful thanks to the oleander, hibiscus, orchids and alpinias, blooming in parks and gardens. Among all this abundant flora, there is one tree you must be careful with. It's the manchineel tree. It produces sap capable of giving serious burns and its fruits aren't edible. However, when the trees have not been pulled out of the ground, which is the case on beaches, some signs do indicate its presence.

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    The lack of rain and springs on Saint Martin makes it the perfect habitat for cacti and plants that require little water.

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