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El Salvador is a country with lush greenery which boasts no less than 25 extinct volcanoes, some clear blue lakes that were once craters (lakes Santa Ana, llopango, Güija), a large river network and 200 miles of Pacific coast where the beaches are deserted. Only 6 % of the territory is not exploited for agriculture (coffee, cotton, sugar). It is the only country on the continent with no environmental law...


On the beaches of the West, the sea is permanently agitated, which delights surfers, and the sand is grey. From Jiquilisco bay to Unión bay, only a few tourist hotels are present and the sand is black (volcanic). Towards the border with Honduras, the coast is desert and rather inhospitable.

The fauna and flora

In an environment more and more taken over by farmland, El Salvador's wildlife consists of white fallow dears, quetzals and thousands of multicoloured butterfly species. 90 species have been listed as endangered.

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