• Medina is the mosque of the Islamic prophet.
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    Medina in Mecca

    Medina is the mosque of the Islamic prophet.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Saudi Arabia

Although the pilgrimage to Medina is not officially compulsory, quite a large number of pilgrims go there to meditate in the Mosque of the Prophet, built on the site of the original mosque. The son of Abdullah, Mohammed was from a Hashemite clan of the powerful tribe of the Quraishites from Mecca, where he was born in around 570. Tradition situates the Koranic revelation of the Prophet in his fortieth year; during the course of a meditation in a grotto besides Mecca, the Archangel Gabriel ordered him to 'read' (Koran means 'reading') and dictated the verses of the Sacred book to him. The pagan Quraishites disapproved of the monotheistic preaching of Mohammed and, in 622, the Prophet migrated (this was the time of the Hegira) to Yathrib, the future Medina.

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