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Cape Skirring is located in the southernmost part of the country, 40 miles West of Ziguinchor. It is lined with long sandy bays separated by rocks jutting out into the sea. It is understandable why hotel complexes chose this spot as it is the ideal destination for those looking for a beach holiday. All water sports can be practiced when you're here, but it is also possible to go for a pirogue trip to discover the surrounding coastal villages.

  • Cape Skirring, Coasts, Senegal
    Cape Skirring

    Located at the heart of Casamance, Cape Skirring boasts endless beaches lined with coconut trees.

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  • Cap Skirring, Cape Skirring, Coasts, Senegal
    Cap Skirring

    Standing at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Skirring was originally home to a small fishing village.

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  • The beaches of Cap Skirring, Cape Skirring, Coasts, Senegal
    The beaches of Cap Skirring

    Thanks to its 3 miles of fine sand, Cap Skirring is now a very popular seaside resort.

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  • Lazing about in Cap Skirring, Cape Skirring, Coasts, Senegal
    Lazing about in Cap Skirring

    Relaxing and sunbathing are the main activities in the Cap Skirring area, but it is also possible to practise water sports and golf.

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  • Coconut trees in Senegal., Cape Skirring, Coasts, Senegal
    Coconut trees in Senegal.

    In addition to its fine sand, Cap Skirring also has its share of lush forests, coconut trees, bolongs*** and saltwater water courses. / JordiRamisa
  • Water sports, Cape Skirring, Coasts, Senegal
    Water sports

    Cap Skirring is paradise for fans of surfing, sailing and water-skiing.

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