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In the southernmost part of the country, Casamance exhibits a landscape of rice paddies along the coast, but as soon as you go further inland you will find a rocky terrain, punctuated with palm trees and tufts of elephant grass.

  • Casamance, Landscapes, Senegal

    The traditional Jola dwelling is rather like a hut made up of several rooms.

    Sylvain Grandadam
  • A stroll around Casamance, Casamance, Landscapes, Senegal
    A stroll around Casamance

    The Casamance region boasts some spectacular scenery and is ideal for a romantic stroll. / JordiRamisa
  • A Casamance pirogue boat, Casamance, Landscapes, Senegal
    A Casamance pirogue boat

    The Atlantic Ocean is a tremendous playground for all water sports enthusiasts. / Travel_Nerd
  • Cap Skirring Beach, Casamance, Landscapes, Senegal
    Cap Skirring Beach

    You're certainly not going to be pushed for space on the vast beaches of Casamance.

    Sylvain Grandadam
  • Horse-and-cart ride, Casamance, Landscapes, Senegal
    Horse-and-cart ride

    The beaches of Casamance can be explored on foot, on horseback, or even by horse and cart! / JordiRamisa
  • Ziguinchor airport, Casamance, Landscapes, Senegal
    Ziguinchor airport

    Private companies provide connections between Casamance and the rest of the country.

    Sylvain Grandadam
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