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Discover Goree Island Senegal

Goree Island, just off the coast of Dakar, is a must-see. Not for the beaches but for its atmosphere. Goree is tragically linked to the slave trade, but it is also a fantastic island, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Three museums are worth seeing here; the Historic Museum, the Sea Museum and the House of the Slaves. Nearby you will find the oldest mosque in Senegal under a cliff.

  • Goree Island , Senegal
    Goree Island

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Goree Island is symbolic of the history of the slave trade.

    © François-Xavier Gutton / EASYVOYAGE
  • Goree Island , Anse de Gorée beach , Senegal
    Anse de Gorée beach

    Thanks to its fine sandy beach, Goree Island is a great place to combine both culture and relaxation

    © François-Xavier Gutton / EASYVOYAGE
  • Goree Island , Locals on the beach , Senegal
    Locals on the beach

    Just a stone's throw from Dakar, Goree Island only has 1,100 inhabitants

    © MATTES Rene
  • Goree Island , Goree Mosque , Senegal
    Goree Mosque

    Built in the late 20th century, Goree Mosque is one of the oldest in Senegal.

    © MATTES Rene
  • Goree Island , The Museum of Women , Senegal
    The Museum of Women

    The Museum of Women opened in 1994 and offers an insight into the daily lives of Senegalese women

    © MATTES Rene
  • Goree Island , Colonial building , Senegal
    Colonial building

    Many of the island's monuments and museums bear testimony to its rich history

    © MATTES Rene
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