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Roughly 20 miles north-east of Dakar is Lac Rose, also known as Lake Retba. 'Rose', meaning pink in French, refers to its colour as a result of a high concentration of minerals. Containing ten times more salt than the ocean, you can swim in this lagoon in a similar fashion as in the Dead Sea - you will float effortlessly! Lac Rose is exploited for its high salt content, with the salt dug up on the southern side, in the area of Niaga-Peul. Senegalese men scrape the bed of the lake, waist-deep in water, to collect the salt which they then dry in the sun before being packed into 50lb bags, ready for the market.

  • Lac Rose (Pink Lake), Le lac Rose, Landscapes, Dakar, Senegal
    Lac Rose (Pink Lake)

    Depending on the time of day and the light, the lake displays a spectacular range of pink shades that shift to mauve at the end of the afternoon.

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  • Harvesting salt, Le lac Rose, Landscapes, Dakar, Senegal
    Harvesting salt

    Hundreds of people work to harvest salt manually, both day and night.

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  • A salt collector at work, Le lac Rose, Landscapes, Dakar, Senegal
    A salt collector at work

    The men break the salt deposits at the bottom of the lake and take it to the shore on their pirogue.

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  • Le lac Rose , Piles of salt , Senegal
    Piles of salt

    The salt is then deposited on the banks to dry and bleach in the sun for four days.

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  • Le lac Rose , Salt from Lac Rose , Senegal
    Salt from Lac Rose

    Women have the job of transporting the tubs full of salt.

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  • Le lac Rose , The banks of Lac Rose , Senegal
    The banks of Lac Rose

    Most of the salt collectors smear their bodies with shea butter to protect themselves from the salt.

    © Eva Ozkoidi / 123RF
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