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The beaches of the 'Petite Cote' start 50 miles south of Dakar and stretch all the way down to the Saloum. They are suitable for swimming. Drop in at Toubab Dialao, located at the bottom of a creek and framed between red cliffs - the view is remarkable at sunset. Or, stop off at Popenguine, a traditional pilgrimage site, because of its miraculous cave in which an image of the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a group of fishermen.

  • Traditional-style fishing in Senegal, Petite Côte, Coasts, Senegal
    Traditional-style fishing in Senegal

    Petite Côte is an ideal place to try your hand at sea fishing.

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  • Villages on Petite Côte, Petite Côte, Coasts, Senegal
    Villages on Petite Côte

    There are many picturesque villages dotted along the Petite Côte coastline between Dakar and the Saloum Delta.

  • Saly Beach, Petite Côte, Coasts, Senegal
    Saly Beach

    With its miles of beaches and hotels, Petite Côte is Senegal's top seaside destination.

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  • A successful day of fishing, Petite Côte, Coasts, Senegal
    A successful day of fishing

    Fishing is one of the main activities on Petite Côte and keeps both locals and tourists busy.

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  • A fishing pirogue, Petite Côte, Coasts, Senegal
    A fishing pirogue

    From the beach, you can watch the extraordinary manoeuvres of the traditional pirogues.

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  • Traditional boats, Petite Côte, Coasts, Senegal
    Traditional boats

    Pirogues are genuine works of art, and are proudly displayed along the beaches of Petite Côte.

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