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Things to see in Senegal

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Senegal is a relatively flat country that presents a plethora of beautiful, natural landscapes; from the dense forest of Lower Casamance to the sand dunes of the Fleuve region, from the desert of the region of Saint Louis to the central bush, the salt lakes and the savannah. Senegal is a real kaleidoscope of lush landscapes, from its vast stretches of hundred year-old baobabs to the four rivers that flow through the country: the Senegal, the Gambia, the Saloum and the Casamance.


Along the 400 mile long Senegalese coast, the country boasts 280 miles of beaches, which is a sizeable asset for this small African country and where the sun shines for most of the year. So much so that it is becoming a favourite destination for European tourists. Lower Casamance is the region most visited by tourists and probably the most beautiful.

The fauna and flora

Senegalese vegetation is essentially composed of small brambly bushes as the country consists mostly of desert. However the southern region of Casamance receives more rainfall and has forests of baobab and kapok, the well-known African tree. Senegal has six national parks and several reserves in which the wildlife is highly protected. Djoudj Park alone is home to over 400 bird species and is therefore classed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Arts and culture

The Kora, the Moolo and other bongos are among the numerous traditional instruments of African music. The most famous artists of the African continent come from Senegal. Learning an instrument like the Kora usually has to be started as a child as playing stringed instruments requires skill and proficiency that requires a lot of training. Handicrafts, however, are more limited. Senegal doesn't have a very good reputation for its wooden statues. Nevertheless, many contemporary artists exhibit their works in galleries, mainly in Dakar.

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