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Serbia offers magnificent and varied landscapes; with its majestic Danube, its mountains, but also its numerous caves, canyons and nature reserves.

Religious architecture

Located along the main routes leading to Athens, Istanbul and Sofia, Serbia has created its own special identity over the centuries inspired by the mosaic of cultures and religions that make up its population.

The significant number of monasteries built between the 12th and 15 centuries bear testimony to some of the genuine architectural feats and pictorial wealth of the medieval period. The beauty of some of the frescoes depicting the life of the Orthodox saints has even been recognised by UNESCO and some of the monasteries have been listed as World Heritage Sites. Among them, the monasteries of Sopo?ani, of Djurdjevi Stupovi, of Studenica and of Decani.

The fauna and flora

Relatively free of mass tourism, Serbia is a very tranquil place. From the high mountain pastures to the dense forests, and along the bends of the Danube or on the banks stretching back into the high cliffs, visitors have an endless array of landscapes to choose from.

Serbia's fauna is very diverse and includes many protected species. In the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, on the Carska Bara plain, it is possible to see at least 300 bird species on just a few square miles! They include colonies of wading birds, pink flamingoes, herons, white-throated dippers, common cranes and bustards. The mountains are home to some predatory birds, like the black-headed eagle and the golden eagle, as well as mammals like the mouflon, ibex and chamois. Other animal species that live in the forests include deer, wild boar, foxes, hares, partridges and wild ducks. Finally, Serbia is one of the regions in Europe where bears can still live in absolute freedom.

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