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Cuisine Seychelles
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor Profile

Discover Cuisine

Thanks to the generosity of its waters and fruit trees, its abundance of fish, and the many different kinds of tropical fruits and vegetables that grow here, cuisine in the Seychelles is as varied as its population, with plenty of raw ingredients available all year round. The Seychellois people are excellent chefs and proudly use their talents to show off the best of their generous natural surroundings, much to the delight of the food lovers who come here to enjoy these wonderful dishes in a truly idyllic setting.


Cuisine , Pepper from the 'Jardin du Roi' , Seychelles
Pepper from the 'Jardin du Roi'

The 'Jardin du Roi' is a delightful place full of orchids, fruit trees, spices imported from India and Indonesia, rare essences, and other medicinal plants.

© Patrick Lazic / EASYVOYAGE
Cuisine , 'Rhum arrangé' , Seychelles
'Rhum arrangé'

The rum is "arranged", as the Creole expression goes, by macerating various plants and spices in it or by mixing it with fruit juices.

© Patrick Lazic / EASYVOYAGE
Cuisine , Victoria Market , Seychelles
Victoria Market

For their provisions, the head chefs at the hotels often go to Victoria Market, which was built in 1840 and is nicknamed the 'Bazaar'.

© Patrick Lazic / EASYVOYAGE
Cuisine , Coëtivy prawns , Seychelles
Coëtivy prawns

Whenever you eat prawns in the Seychelles, you can pretty much be certain they come straight from Coëtivy, a coral island in the archipelago.

© Patrick Lazic / EASYVOYAGE
Cuisine , Fish, the star of the Seychelles , Seychelles
Fish, the star of the Seychelles

The abundance of fish in the lagoons (jobfish, bourgeois snapper, emperor fish, parrotfish, African pompano, ray, etc.) means it is a staple of the Seychelles diet.

© Patrick Lazic / EASYVOYAGE
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