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From the granitic islands (Mahe, Praslin...) to the corallian islands (Alphonse, Desroches...), scuba diving offers many possibilities for the discovery of the Seychellois sea depths. The first are characterised, as they are on land, by large fallen rocks, where a population of colourful and varied fish lives, whereas the second allow the discovery of superb slopes where corals are still alive and kicking. Numerous diving centres are awaiting you on Mahé, most of the time part of a major hotel complex, and on Praslin, on beaches where the major diving sites are. On Desroches, as on Alphonse, the diving centre is also part of the hotel. You need to know that underwater fishing is scrupulously prohibited. It is also possible to go on a diving cruise allowing to discover the depths of several islands at one time and multiply the number of sites to see. Commandant Cousteau did not choose the Seychelles to shoot his famous Silent World at random!

  • Underwater wildlife , Underwater depths , Seychelles
    Underwater depths

    Jacques Cousteau filmed his famous film The Silent World in the Seychelles.

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  • Underwater wildlife , Sublime underwater marine life , Seychelles
    Sublime underwater marine life

    The Seychelles are a paradise for deep sea divers.

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  • Underwater wildlife , A diver exploring the sea , Seychelles
    A diver exploring the sea

    Deep sea diving offers plenty of opportunities to discover the underwater depths of the Seychelles.

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  • Underwater wildlife , A boy diver , Seychelles
    A boy diver

    There is no age limit when it comes to admiring this silent world!

  • Underwater wildlife , A renowned diving spot , Seychelles
    A renowned diving spot

    Many diving centres are located on Mahé, most of them belonging to the major hotel complexes, and on the big beaches of Praslin.

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  • Underwater wildlife , Snorkelling , Seychelles

    Put on your fins, masks, and snorkel, swim out a few metres, and you find yourself in a giant aquarium surrounded by multicoloured fish and sea turtles.

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