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Frégate offers the ideal view of a primitive forest. Coconut, filao, ballnut, paw paw, mango trees and other exotic plants abound here. The island used to be a pirates' hideout, it now holds one of the Seychelles' most beautiful hotels, reserved to a wealthy clientele. You can discover in particular some endemic species, such as the Seychelles magpie robin, the sweet song of which almost disappeared for ever, and the darkling beetle, a type of beetle living in tree trunks. Botanists regularly go to this heavenly island to observe the rare species and share their passion with curious amateurs.

  • Frégate , Seychelles

    This island was once a pirate hideout but is now home to one of the Seychelles' most beautiful hotels.

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  • Frégate , A botanist's paradise , Seychelles
    A botanist's paradise

    Botanists regularly come to this idyllic little island to observe the rare species and share their passion with curious amateurs.

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  • Frégate , A haven of tranquillity , Seychelles
    A haven of tranquillity

    Frégate's sixteen 186m˛ villas are set amid a magnificent coconut plantation facing the sea and each have their own private infinity pool.

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  • Frégate , Massage on the beach , Seychelles
    Massage on the beach

    The Rock Spa is set amid 4,500m˛ of lush green vegetation on one of the island's peaks and boasts 4 treatment suites. The spa offers a wide selection of treatment packages.

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  • Frégate , A Zen-like ambience , Seychelles
    A Zen-like ambience

    The decor here is designed to appeal to those who appreciate a Zen-like ambience, with its antique pieces specially imported from Asia, fabric-covered walls, and omnipresent wood.

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  • Frégate , A jacuzzi with a view , Seychelles
    A jacuzzi with a view

    Frégate is one of the most expensive and exclusive islands on the archipelago. Its discreet sense of luxury and attentive service will satisfy even the most demanding of guests.

    © René Mattes
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