Ile Cousine
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Ile Cousine

By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor Profile

Our Editorial team's advice

Heavenly. A bit of a cliché, but with Cousine Island, it is hard to find a more fitting way to describe this enchanting setting! This private island resort is a true paradise with its pristine beach, sea turtles, tortoises, endemic birds, giant bats, jungle trails, small swimming pool, spa and gourmet cuisine at your request. A desert island getaway surrounded by magnificent nature, where humans are clearly intruders! Located 4 miles from the west coast of Praslin, this 62-acre island is just under one-mile long and 800-metres wide, and is fully dedicated to preserving the environment. A systematic rehabilitation programme has been set up with the aim of restoring the island and includes the planting of thousands of native trees, the protection of the huge colonies of seabirds and the reintroduction of endemic bird species.

To see

Note that there are no rats, cats or dogs on the island. However, you will see 65 free roaming giant tortoises, giant bats (the famous flying foxes) and many species of bird (frigatebirds, tropicbirds, fairy terns, Seychelles fodys), some of which are endemic to Cousine.

To do

Take a walk on the soft white sand, swim in the amazingly clear water, and observe giant tortoises, the sea turtles that come to lay their eggs, the crabs, flying foxes (giant bats), frigatebirds and other tropical birds. Take a nap in one of the hammocks hanging between two coconut trees. You can also enjoy water sports such as kayaking, snorkelling, big game fishing, sailing and windsurfing.


  • +  The amazing beaches.
  • +  The abundant nature: you will come across birds, bats, turtles etc.


  • -  The remote location on a small island, which requires several transfers.

To think about

The wealthy make the 10 to 15 minute journey from Mahé International Airport by helicopter. The rest have to face the waves for 40 minutes. Note that Cousine does not have a jetty. You therefore have to hold on tight to the boat, which charges onto the pristine sandy beach at full speed, making for a bumpy arrival. The return journey is also challenging: the boat is pushed into the sea before you jump aboard on the captain's signal, praying that you make it past the first waves before the coral reef, just like in the film 'Cast Away' starring Tom Hanks. A nerve-racking experience!

To avoid

If you get seasick, avoid coming on a day when the sea is rough.

To try

Surrounded by birds, you can enjoy delicious toast, scrambled eggs, homemade jam and fruit juices while admiring the view of the idyllic beach and listening to the rolling waves. The vegetables come straight from the vegetable garden, and the fish is caught just off shore. Spicy chicken curry, Creole rice, grilled fish, seafood, chutney... Finally, you should note that the drinking water is produced by turning naturally collected air humidity into liquid!

To bring back

You can take as many photos and unforgettable memories as you wish, but do not touch the animals and the shells!
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