Discover Mai Valley (Praslin) Seychelles

In Praslin, Mai Valley is considered the replica of the garden of Eden, original paradise. No less! It is true that this 50 acre forest, the only place in the world where the coco de mer can grow naturally, is one of the world's most beautiful plant sanctuaries. You learn there that the coco de mer has male and female trees, the latter producing the famous suggestively-shaped giant coconuts called coco fesse. Like a real palm cathedral into which you penetrate with devotion and admiration, Mai Valley includes other interesting plant species and shelters the black parrot, an endemic species not easily observed. You can walk freely through the national park along waymarked footpaths, it is now listed as a Unesco site (entrance fee, open from 8 am to 5.30 pm) and has become one of the musts for any traveller worthy of the name disembarking on the Seychelles.

  • Mai Valley (Praslin) , Vallée de Mai on Praslin , Seychelles
    Vallée de Mai on Praslin

    Visitors are free to walk the marked footpaths in this national park, which is included on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

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  • Mai Valley (Praslin) , The Garden of Eden , Seychelles
    The Garden of Eden

    Vallée de Mai is considered by many to be as close a likeness as there is on earth to the Garden of Eden!

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  • Mai Valley (Praslin) , Unspoilt paradise , Seychelles
    Unspoilt paradise

    It is one of the most beautiful plant reserves in the world.

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  • Mai Valley (Praslin) , Pausing at the foot of a waterfall , Seychelles
    Pausing at the foot of a waterfall

    Vallée de Mai is a veritable cathedral of palm trees and is home to many interesting plant species.

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  • Mai Valley (Praslin) , The black parrot , Seychelles
    The black parrot

    This endemic bird species is often difficult to get close to.

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  • Mai Valley (Praslin) , 'Coco de Mer' , Seychelles
    'Coco de Mer'

    This 50 acre forest, the only place in the world where the 'coco de mer' grows in the wild, is one of the world's most beautiful plant sanctuaries.

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