Discover Petite Soeur and Grande Soeur Seychelles

The preserved, unspoilt islands of Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur are home to a nesting sea turtle population. The Château de Feuilles is one of the two Relais & Châteaux hotels in the archipelago, along with the Lémuria Resort of Praslin. The hotel also has a private unspoilt island, Grande Soeur, not far from Praslin, where it organises free full-day excursions on weekends, when guests at the hotel have exclusive use of the island and are served a barbecue lunch. Grande Soeur has a distinct charm about it due to the fact that it is the only island to have so far managed to avoid any form of development. Petite Soeur, meanwhile, is surrounded by a reef that makes it impossible to access unless the sea is particularly calm.

  • Petite Soeur and Grande Soeur , Seychelles
    Petite Soeur and Grande Soeur

    Two preserved, unspoilt islands.

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  • Petite Soeur and Grande Soeur , Grande Soeur , Seychelles
    Grande Soeur

    Grande Soeur has its own particular charm: it is the only one to have escaped any form of development.

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  • Petite Soeur and Grande Soeur , A turtle refuge , Seychelles
    A turtle refuge

    Sea turtles come here to lay their eggs.

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