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Two thousand tropical plant species were listed in the Seychelles, one hundred of them are endemic. Among those, the famous coco de mer (photo), producing the world's largest coconut, the coco de mer, the suggestive shape of which owed it the nickname of "coco fesse". And in addition to this, numerous mango species - yellow or white, blossom, apple and patience. Ballnut trees, now protected, grow in coastal forests. Here are some other specific species, as varied as they are beautiful: umbrella trees, guaiacs, European spindles, recognisable with their quadrangular fruits, flamboyants which blossom in November, very hard rosewood, heliotropes, white and pink beach morning glory. Mahogany used to be a favourite type of wood for cabinet making. Banyan, with its aerial roots, grows along roads. And when the bark of corn plants is cut, blood-red sap trickles out. Flowers - bougainvillea, hibiscus, pappus, frangipani trees and a number of orchid species and flower vines blossoming all year long. Mignonette flowers exhale the delicate scent of raspberries. Spice trees - cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cocoa, coffee and vanilla trees produce little amounts of spices, to be discovered on local markets.

  • Plants , The Garden of Eden , Seychelles
    The Garden of Eden

    There are two thousand listed tropical plant species in the Seychelles, around a hundred of which are endemic.

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  • Plants , Vallée de Mai , Seychelles
    Vallée de Mai

    One of them is the famous 'Coco de Mer' tree, which produces the world's largest coconut, the 'Coco de Mer', whose suggestive shape has earned it the nickname 'coco fesse' (meaning, it looks a pair of buttocks!).

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  • Plants , 'Coco de Mer' , Seychelles
    'Coco de Mer'

    Also called the 'coco fesse' (coconut buttocks) due to its suggestive shape.

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  • Plants , A living natural history museum. , Seychelles
    A living natural history museum.

    Spice trees and plants producing cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cocoa, coffee and vanilla produce small harvests that can be found at the local markets.

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  • Plants , People living in harmony with nature , Seychelles
    People living in harmony with nature

    It is endemic to the famous Mai de Praslin Valley, from which the expression "cucul la prasline" comes!

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  • Plants , One of the last natural paradises , Seychelles
    One of the last natural paradises

    Add to this numerous species of mango trees: yellow and white, flower, apple, and patience.

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