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Second largest island of the Seychelles archipelago, located 25 miles north-east of Mahé, Praslin is, like its big sister, shaped by a central mountain towering at an altitude of 1,203 feet bordered by small bays and superb beaches. Praslin's 17 miles² are mostly covered in tropical forest. Praslin takes pride in holding famous Mai Valley, a Unesco world heritage site. It is one of the last remaining rare bird refuges for the black parrot for example, but especially the famous coco de mer, also known as coco fesse because of its suggestive shape. To admire the sumptuous panorama of Mai Valley, Praslin and the surrounding islands, you have to walk on Glacis Noire path, which starts 655 feet away from the car park of Mai Valley. You will walk up over almost one mile through exuberant tropical vegetation for approximately 25 minutes, but it certainly is worth it: from the top of a watch tower, in absolute silence, hardly disturbed by bird cries, a unique view of the Seychelles archipelago unfolds. Two tables and a bench make it the perfect setting for a picnic amidst utter beauty. Numerous islets encircle Praslin, among which the famous Ilet Saint-Pierre with resplendent rocks and a superb little lagoon (photo), without forgetting Chauve Souris, Aride, Cousin, Cousine, Petite Soeur, Grande Soeur, and Curieuse.

  • Praslin , Seychelles

    Praslin's 17 mi² are mostly covered with a tropical forest.

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  • Praslin , The island of palms , Seychelles
    The island of palms

    The second biggest island in the Seychelles located 25 miles north-east of Mahé, Praslin, formerly Palm Island, boasts a 367m high massif bordered by small bays and sublime beaches.

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  • Praslin , The second biggest island in the Seychelles , Seychelles
    The second biggest island in the Seychelles

    Praslin has a wide range of hotels to offer.

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  • Praslin , L'Anse Lazio , Seychelles
    L'Anse Lazio

    One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with its granite pink rocks and pure white sand bordered by captivating turquoise water: a true delight for the eyes.

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  • Praslin , Vallée de Mai , Seychelles
    Vallée de Mai

    The UNESCO-listed National Park is home to the famous coco-fesse (meaning coconut buttocks!).

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  • Praslin , Heaven on earth , Seychelles
    Heaven on earth

    The clear waters lapping the shoreline of this island are ideal for swimming.

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