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The islands of the archipelago are all different. Northernmost, the granitic, green and mountainous main islands, and in the south, the remote, flat, corallian islands, located in the centre of a lagoon, and mostly covered in coconut and filao trees.

Arts and culture

Multicoloured and multicultural, Seychellois culture is a festive blend of peoples, cultures and religions. Africans, Asians and Europeans all contributed to create and enrich this civilisation whose influences are found in the art, music, architecture, cuisine and traditional dance. Seychelles may be just a small island but a large variety of disciplines representing various levels of achievement are practised here. It isn't difficult to understand this creative ardour, given the breathtaking landscapes, the bright colours reflecting in the eyes of the locals and the cuisine, the scent of which alone is enough to whet the appetite. Let yourself be taken away by the sound of the tam-tams and banjos to discover a people who have much to offer and share.

Activities and leisure

The richnes of the Seychelles' seabed is simply extraordinary: multicolored fish, manta rays, dolphins, whales, sharks... but the ultimate pleasure has to be snorkelling and swimming around with the turtles!

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