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One hundred and fifty thousand giant tortoises live on Aldabra island, the world's largest atoll (22 miles long and 8 miles wide) and a Unesco world reserve since 1982. You can also see some in an enclosure on La Digue, on Union and in Victoria's botanical garden, on Mahé. Many hotels also have a few specimens, to the delight of their guests. Turtles are just as numerous on the archipelago and are also protected. Hundreds of them reproduce each year on the beaches of Aldabra.

  • Tortoises , Esmeralda , Seychelles

    Bird Island is home to Esmeralda, the oldest tortoise in the world. Born in 1771 and weighing nearly 63 stone, she has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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  • Tortoises , Giant tortoises , Seychelles
    Giant tortoises

    150,000 giant tortoises live on the Aldabra Islands, the largest atoll in the world (22 miles long by 8 miles wide) and a biosphere reserve.

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  • Tortoises , An encounter of a third kind , Seychelles
    An encounter of a third kind

    Many hotels also have a few specimens, which proves a hit with guests.

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  • Tortoises , Time to eat... , Seychelles
    Time to eat...

    You can also see them in an enclosure at Union Estate on La Digue Island and the Victoria Botanical Gardens in Mahé.

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  • Tortoises , Children love them! , Seychelles
    Children love them!

    You'd almost be tempted to take one home as a pet.

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  • Tortoises , A cute couple , Seychelles
    A cute couple

    You would be forgiven for thinking you were back in the age of the dinosaurs!

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