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The head chefs from the many hotels on the islands regularly visit Victoria Market in search of vegetables - such as calabashes, various fruit, spices, chilli peppers, and fish to use in their cooking. Open daily, it's great to wander around the market and admire the abundance of papayas, tamarinds, pineapples, jackfruits, bananas, mangoes, pomegranates, sentuls, melons, guavas, lychees, and even wax apples on offer. Once you've left the market, you'll know everything there is to know about the origin and preparation of these tasty sun-drenched fruits. Built in 1840 at the heart of old Victoria, the true centre of the city, this authentic and colourful market nicknamed the 'Bazaar' was entirely renovated in June 1999. Laid out in the shade of a giant mango tree, the stalls exuding the smells of a thousand different spices are overflowing with all sorts of fish, including bourgois, job, hogfish, moonfish, and other varieties that demonstrate the sheer generosity of the ocean in these parts. You'll also notice the ever-present white herons (nicknamed 'Madame Paton') lying in wait for any scraps of fish left behind by the fishmongers. The market is certainly very picturesque and is particularly lively on Saturday mornings. Don't miss it if you make it to Victoria; it's the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the ingredients in the dishes you will be eating during your stay, and also to soak up the extraordinary ambience.

  • Victoria Market , Seychelles
    Victoria Market

    Victoria Market is teeming with fruits and vegetables and is a great place for a stroll any day of the week.

  • Victoria Market , Fish galore , Seychelles
    Fish galore

    Colourful stalls exuding the scents of a thousand different spices overflow with all sorts of fish, including bourgois, job, hogfish, moonfish, and other varieties that show off the wealth of the ocean.

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  • Victoria Market , All kinds of souvenirs , Seychelles
    All kinds of souvenirs

    Very picturesque, the market is especially lively on Saturday mornings.

  • Victoria Market , Colourful pareos , Seychelles
    Colourful pareos

    An excellent souvenir to bring back for a friend.

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  • Victoria Market , A selection of fruit , Seychelles
    A selection of fruit

    In the unique ambience of one of Victoria's must-see sites, you will discover the ingredients that will make up your meals during your stay.

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