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Like its neighbours, Guinea in the north and Liberia in the south, Sierra Leone faces the Atlantic Ocean. This West African country is proud of its beautiful beaches around Freetown and on the Turtle Islands. Not far from the capital is Brunce Island and its bleak memorial fort from where slaves were once shipped to the new world. Those who travel to Sierra Leone will enjoy the diverse landscapes in the country, not to mention its nature reserves. However, due to the country's instability, the decision to come here cannot be taken lightly.
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Sierra Leone: the key figures

Surface area : 71740.0 km2

Population : 6294774 inhabitants

  • Some of Africa's most beautiful beaches are in Sierra Leone.
  • With its beaches and reserves, Sierre Leone is a seaside and eco-tourist holiday hotspot.
  • The country has lived through over ten years of civil war.
  • Very few airlines fly to the country and the journey is very long.
  • The country is represented by the Embassy of Sierra Leone in London.
  • The roads are in need of repair and the traffic flow is staggered.

Sierra Leone: what to visit?




Sierra Leone: what to buy?

You will find that wooden sculpted statutes representing people's daily lives and animist beliefs are very present in the country. You will also find pottery, African masks and nice, inexpensive jewels made of gold and precious stones. You should be able to tell when they are original pieces. The major city shops open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. Many are open on Saturday at the same time.

Sierra Leone: what to eat?

The restaurants in Freetown serve international dishes. There are many English, French, Armenian and Lebanese restaurants. Local dishes are vegetable- and fish based. You will find a lot of seafood; mainly lobsters and large shrimps.

Sierra Leone: main cities

Sierra Leone: travel tips

Although the civil war is over, Sierra Leone is not a recommended destination. If you insist on going, make sure that you plan your trip well. It is best to have a contact in the country who can act as your guide.

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