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The western part of the country consists of coastal plains stretching to the sea. The exception is the Freetown peninsula which consists of mountains. Every other part of the country is semi-mountainous, mid-plains. Along the Guinean border flood plains co-exist with impenetrable forests.


There are 250 miles of coastline in all. Sierra Leone has some of the most beautiful beaches in West African coast. Besides Freetown and Turtle Islands, the other coastal areas are essentially mangrove-covered.

The fauna and flora

Like plenty of African countries, Sierra Leone is home to many parks and reserves. Here, the monkey is king. Whether you are in the north, in the Outamba-Kilimi National Park; at the heart of the Loma Mountains Forest Reserve; or in the south-east, in the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, you are guaranteed to see primates. However, they do share their territory with other, much bigger and wilder animals, including plenty of crocodiles, hippopotamuses and elephants. Sierra Leone is also paradise for ornithologists, with more than 120 different bird species, including weavers, which are specialised in building nests, vultures, eagles and double-billed hornbills.


Sierra Leone is not known for its historic monuments. Instead, visitors come here to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of its markets and villages.

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