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Plantlife Slovakia
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Plantlife

The national parks are full of beeches, larches, birches and lime trees. As you go further up, forests give room to alpine meadows dotted with arnica and edelweiss.


Plantlife , Slovakia in winter , Slovakia
Slovakia in winter

Part of the Mala Fatra massif, Klak mountain reveals a stunning white winter coat.

Lydie Gigerichova / age fotostock
Plantlife , Slovakia in summer , Slovakia
Slovakia in summer

More than 35% of the Slovakian territory is covered with very well-preserved forests. The type of vegetation changes according to altitude.

Richard Semik / age fotostock;
Plantlife , A waterway in Slovakia , Slovakia
A waterway in Slovakia

In summer, it is pleasant to cool off and even bathe in the country's many waterways.

Richard Semik / age fotostock;
Plantlife , Flowers in Slovakia , Slovakia
Flowers in Slovakia

Some flowers are as beautiful as they are resistant, like the edelweiss, primrose and buttercup.

Richard Semik / age fotostock;
Plantlife , Mala Fatra National Park , Slovakia
Mala Fatra National Park

Slovakia has no less than nine national parks, some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Wolfgang Handl / age fotostock
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