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The national parks are home to several endangered species including species of stags, elks, mouflons, lynx, wolves, hares and wild boars; raptors (eagles and falcons) can also be seen in High Tatras National Park. In this park that you will also find brown bears; they are not dangerous if you simply watch them from a distance.

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    Between 800 and 900 of Europe's brown bears live in Slovakia's natural parks.

    Christian Heinrich
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    Horses in Slovakia

    A horse ride provides the perfect opportunity for getting closer to the wildest areas and discovering Slovakia's nature parks.

    Milan Perfecky / age fotostock
  • Wildlife , A flock of sheep , Slovakia
    A flock of sheep

    For more than 500 years, sheep have been raised in the fresh air of the Slovakian mountains.

    Richard Semik / age fotostock;
  • Wildlife , The wisent , Slovakia
    The wisent

    Wiped out and then reintroduced, especially in Slovakia, the European bison remains an endangered species.

    Lydie Gigerichova / age fotostock
  • Wildlife , Vipera berus , Slovakia
    Vipera berus

    A venomous species, the common European adder is mostly found in Slovakia and eastern European countries.

    Lydie Gigerichova / age fotostock
  • Wildlife , An Imperial Eagle , Slovakia
    An Imperial Eagle

    Slovakia counts about forty couples of imperial eagles, a threatened species even rarer than the golden eagle.

    Oliver Brandt - age fotostock
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