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Wildlife Slovakia
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Wildlife

The national parks are home to several endangered species including species of stags, elks, mouflons, lynx, wolves, hares and wild boars; raptors (eagles and falcons) can also be seen in High Tatras National Park. In this park that you will also find brown bears; they are not dangerous if you simply watch them from a distance.


Wildlife , Horses in Slovakia , Slovakia
Horses in Slovakia

A horse ride provides the perfect opportunity for getting closer to the wildest areas and discovering Slovakia's nature parks.

Milan Perfecky / age fotostock
Wildlife , A flock of sheep , Slovakia
A flock of sheep

For more than 500 years, sheep have been raised in the fresh air of the Slovakian mountains.

Richard Semik / age fotostock;
Wildlife , The wisent , Slovakia
The wisent

Wiped out and then reintroduced, especially in Slovakia, the European bison remains an endangered species.

Lydie Gigerichova / age fotostock
Wildlife , Vipera berus , Slovakia
Vipera berus

A venomous species, the common European adder is mostly found in Slovakia and eastern European countries.

Lydie Gigerichova / age fotostock
Wildlife , An Imperial Eagle , Slovakia
An Imperial Eagle

Slovakia counts about forty couples of imperial eagles, a threatened species even rarer than the golden eagle.

Oliver Brandt - age fotostock
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