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The Cheonggyecheon River South Korea
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Cheonggyecheon River

This river, which runs through the very heart of Seoul, has a rather amazing history. It had always been there when the military government of the 1960s decided to make a road out of it in order to make it easier to get around the city. The Korean capital decided to reinstate the river just a few years ago. Following renovations that lasted 2 years, it has now become the lung of the city, with many Koreans choosing to take a stroll along its banks at the end of their work day. Following the river from start to finish is a good way of familiarising yourself with Korean history and culture, particularly as you will come across Banchado, the largest ceramic mural in the world, and Meokjagolmok ('avenue of food'), an avenue of some 200 stalls serving a plethora of dishes.

The Cheonggyecheon River

The Cheonggyecheon River , South Korea
The Cheonggyecheon River Sean Pavone
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