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The southern volcanic island of Jeju is one of the two great coastal spots in Korea. As opposed to the rest of the country, and due to its geographical situation, it has a sub-tropical climate and beautiful maritime scenery that make it a particularly lovely spot for a holiday.

  • The Island of Jeju , Jeju Island , South Korea
    Jeju Island

    Its subtropical climate and beautiful seascapes make it a particularly popular holiday destination.

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  • The Island of Jeju , A wonder of nature , South Korea
    A wonder of nature

    Located 81 miles south of the Korean Peninsula, the island of Jeju is one of the the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

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  • The Island of Jeju , A seaside spot. , South Korea
    A seaside spot.

    This volcanic island, very popular with South Korean holidaymakers and especially for honeymoons, is both the largest island in South Korea and its smallest province.

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  • The Island of Jeju , The oreums of Jeju , South Korea
    The oreums of Jeju

    The island shelters 368 mini volcanoes called oreum.

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  • The Island of Jeju , South Korea
    A spot for golfing

    Jeju has 30 golf courses.

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  • The Island of Jeju , Winter scenery , South Korea
    Winter scenery

    The highest mountain in the country, Halla-san, is a dormant volcano which rises 1,950 metres above sea level.

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