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South Korea
South Korea
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Things to see in South Korea
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor


With a harsh and broken territory (mountains and hills representing 70% of it), Korea hardly has any postcard scenery. However, the austerity of its natural surroundings can be very charming, as its mountains often shelter very beautiful temples which are really worth visiting.


The Namdaemun market, with its ginseng and handicraft products, awaits your visit. The lights of Dongdaemun market, open 24/7, will make you lose all notion of time. Yongsan's electronics market offers all the latest models of electronic gadgetry, and you might have a hard time making up your mind on what to bring home!


Although the traditional image of South Korea is a sleepy and tranquil country, its culture is very dynamic. Indeed, its culture is considered to be an essential sector of activity for giving the country a global presence. Thus, since 10 years ago, the arts centres, theatres, concert halls, exhibitions, museums and galleries have multiplied.

What really strikes you when visiting a Korean museum is not only how modern and well-maintained they are, but how full of children they are. We have to say that the cheap, and even ridiculous entrance fees makes it possible to visit plenty of them. They won't cost you more than £2. Museums dedicated to the Korean identity: popular arts and traditions, Buddhist objects, engravings and calligraphy, and decorative arts, can be found in many of the institutions.