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Things to see in Asturias
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor


The wealth of landscapes in Asturias is sure to impress even the most demanding of travellers. The coastline is truly of exceptional beauty, with its sheer cliffs and calm bays. Its mountain range is also full of contrasts, as can be seen in its remarkable natural parks, which have a unique biosphere. The valleys of Pas (in the Santander province) provide yet more variety in the landscapes that are to be seen in the principality of Asturias.

The fauna and flora

Surrounded by the sea and the mountains and benefiting from a varying climate, this ancient kingdom is home to incredible fauna and flora, which provides this region with plenty of natural treasures. From the sea to the Cantabrian Cordillera, the diversity of the climate allows you to discover numerous species, notably the thin but very tall birch tree, the alder, which can be found on the banks of the rivers and wetlands, the holly, and the hazelnut tree. In Asturias, the chestnut tree is the king of the forest. You will be able to appreciate it during a typical winter meal from the region and admire it in the Asturian countryside, but be careful not to prick your fingers on its needles. Among the other species to be discovered are the sessile oak, with its marcescent leaves, and the willow. The fauna in Asturias is quite exceptional, as you can discover unique and rare species such as the royal owl, the buzzard, the weasel, the thrush, and the kingfisher, among others.

Arts and culture

There is no lack of cultural offerings in Asturias. With its numerous museums, architectural heritage, archaeological sites, as well as its caves, the region is overflowing with marvels. Among them you will find the Hogar Virgen del Carbayo sanctuary and its chapel, Casa de la Llomba and Casa Armera de los Monjardín, the home where Jovellanos was born, and the Valdés Palace. In Oviedo, make sure you visit the Cathedral of San Salvador. The prehistoric caves of Asturias are famous throughout the country. Spread out and even hidden in different spots, they each have their own unique charm: Llonin, Loja, del Pindal, and the huge cave of Ardines.

Activities and leisure

The mountains in Asturias are superb for hikes both in spring and summer and are much loved by fans of skiing in winter.