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Fabada, Cabrales and cider, Fabada, Cabrales, and cider, Arts and culture, Asturias
Fabada, Cabrales and cider

Asturian gastronomic varieties catering to all tastes.

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Fabada, Cabrales, and cider Spain
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Fabada, Cabrales, and cider

Asturian cuisine is quite varied and is influenced by the conditions in the part of the region you find yourself in: along the coastline fish and shellfish are a common feature, while spicy soups and preserved foods (pork meats, cheeses, etc.) are to be found in the mountainous zones. The flavours and nuances of the different foods are generally very particular. The flagships of Asturian cuisine are Fabada (haricot beans and bacon) and Cabrales (very strong blue cheese), all of which is washed down with cider. Fabada is ideally enjoyed in the rural areas, as this is where it originates from, but you will find it is prepared just as well all over the Asturias region. To make sure you taste a good Cabrales, head for the municipality from which it takes its name. Not only will you then be able to taste the excellent blue cheese, but you will also have a chance to learn about the tricky technique and very special conditions required to make it. Finally, you cannot leave Asturias without setting foot in one of the many cider houses and tasting the low-alcohol apple drink fermented in them.

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Fabada, Cabrales, and cider

Rice pudding, Fabada, Cabrales, and cider, Arts and culture, Asturias
Rice pudding

Rice pudding is eaten all over Asturias and even has its own festival in May in the municipality of Cabranes.

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Fabada, Cabrales, and cider , Spain
Fabada Asturiana

Fabada is a typical dish in Asturias. Its main ingredient is the faba bean, which is grown in the region.

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Fabada, Cabrales, and cider , Spain

Cabrales is a speciality in the region. It is a type of cheese made with unpasteurised cow's milk or with a blend of 2 or 3 varieties of milk: cow's milk, goat's/sheep's milk.

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The cider apples of Asturia, Fabada, Cabrales, and cider, Arts and culture, Asturias
The cider apples of Asturia

Apples are grown all over the region.

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Asturian cider, Fabada, Cabrales, and cider, Arts and culture, Asturias
Asturian cider

Asturian cider has a low alcohol content. It is obtained through the fermentation of natural apple juice.

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