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Flora Spain
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Flora

The ragged landscapes of the various mountains that make up the Pyrenees mountain range, covered with sprawling forests and abundant flora, serves as a home to many animal species. Furthermore, the orography of the terrain creates numerous nooks that shelter heterogeneous fauna; each therefore has its own little specific ecosystem: from the mountain peaks to the lower sides of the valleys, rivers, forests, and ponds. The majestic brown bear stands out among the various species that are present. Today there are only 20 or 25 brown bears left, but a few centuries ago they lived here in great numbers. However, it's not the only mammal you're likely to cross in the Pyrenees. You'll also find chamois, deer, wild goats, wolves, foxes, wild boars, and some other 40 species of small mammals that live around water, such as marmots and otters. There are numerous bird species including predatory birds (owls, buzzards, eagles, and falcons), and carrion-eating birds, such as vultures or the white scavenger vulture (Egyptian vulture). However, the species that occupy the top of the ladder in these parts are the golden eagle and the bearded vulture. For the latter, the mountain range provides the largest and last community of its kind in Europe. In addition to these spectacular birds, the Pyrenees is notable for its river life (fish and amphibians of all sorts), its reptiles, and a large variety of insects, including a wide range of butterflies. The ecological wealth of the region is unique!

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Flora , Spain
Flora © Isidoro Ruiz Haro / age fotostock
Flora , Spain
Flora © Isidoro Ruiz Haro / age fotostock
Flora , Spain
Flora © Tolo Balaguer / age fotostock
Flora , Spain
Flora © Isidoro Ruiz Haro / age fotostock
Flora , Spain
Flora © Isidoro Ruiz Haro / age fotostock
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