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Third largest building of Christian devotion after St Peter's Cathedral in Rome and St Paul's Cathedral in London, Seville's Cathedral is a gothic monument built in the 15th century around a Moorish tower that dates from 1198, the Giralda. Its summit is adorned by a weather vane in the form of a large bronze statue that represents the Victory of Faith. This is where the tower's name comes from. It is the ancient minaret of the great mosque (twined with Koutoubia in Marrakech) and this 300 ft tower was converted into a bell tower. From the top you can admire the incredible view of the town and over the arenas of la Maestranza on la plaza de toros square. A ramp sufficiently wide to let a horse in leads all the way up the 34 floors of the tower, so expect to feel a bit dizzy when you reach the top. It is said that the muezzin rode up to to call for prayer! At the foot of the Giralda, treat yourself to a break on the Patio de los Naranjos: the orange tree courtyard. The cathedral is stunning with its treasure chamber and it also houses Christopher Columbus' mausoleum, a double organ made of mahogany, and magnificent stained glass windows. Don't miss the Capilla Mayor and its plateresque gate and the lovely 15th century altar piece, the master piece of the cathedral. It is a testimony to the riches of Latin America, with 2.5 tons of precious metals brought back from Mexico and Peru. It is 70 ft high and 70 ft wide; the biggest in Christendom. It is made of cedar and orange wood and it details the Passion of Christ.

  • La cathédrale de Séville , The Cathedral of Seville , Spain
    The Cathedral of Seville

    The city's most emblematic monument

    © Antonio Sanchez Floro / 123RF
  • La cathédrale de Séville , View of the Seville Cathedral , Spain
    View of the Seville Cathedral

    This cathedral was built in the place of a former mosque in 1402.

    © Corbis / age fotostock
  • La cathédrale de Séville , Spain
    La cathédrale de Séville
    © Visions Of America LLC / 123RF
  • La cathédrale de Séville , A panorama of the Seville Cathedral , Spain
    A panorama of the Seville Cathedral

    An aerial view of the roof and central courtyard of this imposing monument in Seville.

  • La cathédrale de Séville , The façade of the Seville Cathedral , Spain
    The façade of the Seville Cathedral

    The 'Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See' is the third largest cathedral in the world.

    © William Perry / 123RF
  • La cathédrale de Séville , The dome of the Seville Cathedral , Spain
    The dome of the Seville Cathedral

    View of the apse of the imposing Seville Cathedral

    © Patricia Hofmeester / 123RF
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