• Logroņo is a city in northern Spain, on the Ebro River.
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    Logroņo, La Rioja

    Logroņo is a city in northern Spain, on the Ebro River.

Amy Adejokun
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Logroņo, the capital of La Rioja, is a lively, bustling city whose social scene revolves around the Senda de los Elefantes, which consists of the Calle San Juan and Calle del Laurel streets, both of which are traditional areas for enjoying an aperitif or a small glass of wine. The Calle Mayor and the Plaza Martínez Zaporta, meanwhile, along with the Plaza del Mercado and the Portales district, are where you'll find all the bars and nightlife. You'll find plenty of must-see places to visit here, too, such as the Príncipe de Vergara promenade, the stone bridge and the Revellín wall. The city also has plenty to offer history buffs, such as the Concathedral, which houses a painting of the Crucifixion believed to be the work of Michelangelo Buonarroti and has been restored on various occasions throughout its history, meaning that it now bears the traces of the various ages it has survived. Logroņo combines the traditional culture of La Rioja and the heritage of its various neighbourhoods and architectural monuments, all in a superb local setting. It really is the ideal place if you're after a bit of rest and relaxation, which is what the pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostela must have thought when they followed the Ebro River through the city.

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